Bozzo's Wrestlemania

My Pictures

Behind The Lens

I enjoyed taking pictures from a young age and my passion for photgraphy came before my love for wrestling. My first camera I bought was Canon AE-1 that I bought from a pawn shop since cameras are so expensive now-a-days. Since it was a film camera it was very fun experience as waiting for the pictures to develop made me reminise of the days where my parents would do the same. I experimented with many forms of media, including video editing, Photoshop, Polaroids and many more. As I grew older I pursued photography as my career and it worked well for a few years. Soon after my photography career started I really started to get into WWE and started this small website as a passion project to share my thoughts with other wrestling fans but as this website grew in popularity I decided to dedicate all of my time to it and gave up my photography career. Many of these photos were take at Wrestlemania like the one of HHH and Batista and like the one iof the Rock and John Cena. Just because I gave up photography as acreer does not mean that I gave it up for good, and my skills proved useful in capturing these beautiful photos. I'm glad I took these pictures as they give me a rush of memories when I look at them, almost like I am transported back in the stadium. I'm also glad that I am able to share these with the supporters of this website. Follow my work here: Twitter.

Wrestling Practice

Although I am not trying to be a wrstler I though I would show some footaghe from this local gym I have been going to in order to practice wrestling as a hobby of sorts. You won't see me in a professional wring any time soon but who knows......